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Cored Wires: Market for Nodulizer Cored Wires Underperformed

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At the backdrop of steel output cut, the market of steel-used cored wiresremained sluggish.  Market of nodulizer cored wires underperformed as Chinese economy entered “new normal” phase which features low growth.

Located in Beijing, Beijing Zhengdayinguang Science & Technology Co., Ltd.(BZST) is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on FeSiMg, high magnesium cored wires production. As replacements of the traditional Mg-rare earth nodulizer, they have been applied widely in pipe casting and ductile iron production. Its high magnesium cored wires received patent several years ago.

Zhengda’s cored wires are supplied to many ductile companies such as Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd.

Now Zhengda runs 4 lines making FeSiMg, high magnesium cored wires; their monthly output totals about 300 tons.

Sales Manager introduced that some ductile companies in Hebei shut down their businesses for shrinking profit and decreasing orders. Xinxing Ductile also stopped using FeSiMg cored wires. All these affected its business greatly.

Zhengda is eager to see the market turns warm.

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