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BaoSteel Planned to Put Several Dresdner Stainless Steel projects Phase Ⅱ into Production Time:2013-03-11 09:14:06 views:

BaoSteel planned to put several Dresdner Stainless Steel projects in Phase Ⅱ into production in 2013, meanwhile the supporting berth of pier operating area would also started construction in the first half of 2013.
Dresdner Stainless Steel projects phaseⅠhad been put into production in 2009 already, with output of more than 1 million tons of hot roll stainless steel. In phase Ⅱ, Completely continuous direct rolling annealing and pickling line and ferronickel smelting system with total capacity of 630 thousand tons would get into production at the first half and the second half of 2013.
Besides,1.5million tons’ 300 series stainless steel would finish construction and start production in 2015; 1780mm and 2250mm hot-rolled production line was also expected to work at 2015, which was estimated to have a 3 million tons capacity for cold and hot roll stainless coil with annual output value of more than RMB30 billion.
Bao Steel planned to construct the most competitive green stainless steel industry base in Luoyuan Bay, which including logistics base, production base and processing base. What’s more, the matching pier operating area would start construction in the first half of this year, which was forecasted to finish in 2015. After it was got into production, the cost would be cut significantly and the pollution would also be decreased.
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