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Active Si Transaction in Xinjiang Province, China

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Compared with the weak Si market in southwest areas, the transaction was much active in Xinjiang province. It’s known from Si producers that they didn’t need to worry about the problem of selling and even the supply of some products was in shortage. Some producers had no stocks at warehouses and even they had the plan to stop receiving orders. Known from the above, it’s believed that Xinjiang province began to become one of the most important Siproducing areas. It had the advantages of low electricity price and raw materials, more and more Si mills trend to be built and developed in Xinjiang province.
Si quotation kept stable in Xinjiang province and was higher than that of southwest areas. delivery price in Tianjin port of Si553# was RMB11,900/mt(USD1,951), 441# was RMB12,100-12,300/mt(USD1,984-2,016/mt), 3303# was RMB12,500-12,600/mt(USD2,049-2,066/mt), 421# was RMB12,400-12,800/mt(USD2,033-2,098/mt) and 411# was RMB12,700-12,900/mt(USD2,082-2,115/mt).
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